Couple Counselling & Relationship Problems
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Couple Counselling, Relationship Problems

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Relationship Counselling

From our earliest experiences as infants when we were dependant on others for our most basic needs of warmth and nourishment; through the knocks and bumps of childhood; the angst of adolescence; the responsibility of adulthood when we ourselves may find that we become the ones providing warmth and nourishment and the challenges of ageing, close relationships are central to our lives. They strongly influence not only the quality of our lives, but also our sense of identity and the possibilities open to us. It is our earliest relationships, or rather our early experience of these relationships, which set the stage and influence our experience and expectations of subsequent relationships.

It is particularly though the family environments that children learn how to live and interact with others; it is where they learn how to contain and express emotions and to interact with others. Indeed, families are often seen as essential environments for the development of individuals, equipping them to become well-adjusted adults able to exist and interact successfully in the social world in which they find themselves. Conversely, deprivation in these early relationship experiences is often seen as being a causal factor in dysfunctional adults in later life.

The individual clients in couple counselling will undoubtedly have defence mechanisms used to soften the psychological impact of behaviour’s, their own or others, such as denial, that will need to be addressed as well as the obstacles and ways of behaviour born out of previous experiences of relationships and used as a template understanding or expectation, often based on wrong assumption about the current relationship. C ounselling will involve a flexible approach that takes into account a couples shared, understandings, expectations, hopes and fears born out of their own unique experiences.

Counselling will involve working through the relationship issues that are brought to therapy and to help the couple look at how they conduct themselves within the relationship, and as a result of their behaviour, the behaviour of others towards them . It will also help them gain insight into their behaviour and help them come to an understanding about the direction that they wish to go in resolving, or not, the issue that they have brought to therapy.



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